To ensure your payroll is accurate and timely you can record your employees’ hours using one of our convenient time entry methods.


Web Clock

  • Employees Login to Their Account, to Start and Stop Their Time
  • There is No Software to Install
  • Managers Can Simply View, Edit, and Run Reports Right Through a Web Browser


On-Site Clock

  • Employees are Held Accountable for Their Time
  • Clock-in and Out With an Employee Pin, Badge Swipe, Proximity Card, or Fingerprint
  • Your Employees’ Time Worked is Sent to Trend
  • Many Types of Swipe Clock Systems are Available


Timesheet Entry

  • Upload an Excel Spreadsheet of Employee Hours to Trend Online
  • Able to Edit and Review Hours in the Timesheet
  • A Trend Payroll Processor Will Review and Seek Your Final Approval


Employee Timesheet Entry

  • Employees Login to Trend Online to Record Worked Hours
  • Managers Approve Before Trend Processes Payroll


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