Operating your own HR department is very time-consuming and unprofitable for your business.


TrendHR’s Human Resources Outsourcing program includes access to a fully staffed, off-site HR department that provides expertise, compliance and advisor consulting. Our experts reduce administrative burdens, streamline processes, and strategically manage your personnel. An added benefit of HR outsourcing is the ability to minimize costs, by implementing practices that are both compliant and support your company’s objectives.


HR Experts

Our certified HR professionals are on demand with personalized services based on your industry, size of the company, and business practices. If you need assistance with managing or resolving any kind of personnel issue, our HR department can be reached by a simple phone call, email, or on-site visit. Becoming a client of TrendHR will provide your team with the peace-of-mind that you have a trusted advisor any time you have questions or need assistance.



Achieve validated compliance through our assessments and audits, which result in reduced liability and financial penalties. Compliance assistance varies from workplace posters, reporting requirements, workplace policies and other employment related practices. Our team will ensure that all major state and federal employment laws are followed: FLSA, ADA, Wage & Hour, PRWORA and the EEOC.


Best Practices

Through training and guidance provided by our team, we guarantee that your recruiting practices, onboarding, training, reviews, counsels and termination practices will support your overall company objectives. In addition to supporting your needs, you will see an improvement in current practices that will encourage positive employee productivity. Therefore your bottom line will increase and allow your company to grow competitively within the industry.



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